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By Rich Mazon

Redemption card is a perfect sales pitch for Pacquiao- Bradley 2
Fri, 07 Feb 2014

New York ? Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley have been here in The Big Apple before. Two years ago at Chelsea Piers, both boxers were joined by their promoter Bob Arum in promoting the first of what is to now a two-fight series between the two.

Fast forward to Thursday, at a stage where Off-Broadway shows are held, Pacquiao and Bradley are back in New York pitching their second encounter to the New York media.

But this time they are not only selling themselves, they are selling the main ingredient of their rematch bound for Las Vegas on April 12th ? Redemption.

A vast majority of boxing fans and the media covering the sport believed Pacquiao won their first encounter in 2012. The rest, including Bradley and his team were satisfied with the controversial decision that rewarded him the WBO world welterweight belt that was a staple on Pacquiao?s waist for two and a half years.

But despite Bradley?s iron man physique and his tough persona in the ring, he is also bothered by the ridicule that followed and the criticisms that continue to persist after their first duel. That is why he wanted this fight so bad - really bad.

?I am fighting for credit. This is what this is all about. Get it right for the fans. Get it right for the public. This is what this fight is all about.? Bradley stated.

But getting it right for the fans and the public is also Pacquiao?s battle cry. The former owner of the belt that Bradley proudly displayed in the bright lights of New York today was eyeing it from across the table. He wanted it back - badly.

?I will try.? Pacquiao replied when asked him if he will try to retrieve the belt that is now in Bradley?s possession.

?There is a big question mark in our first fight and this time around we have to answer that question mark in the minds of the fans.? He told the New York media.

?Both of us have something to prove.? added the boxer slash congressman.

But that won?t be easy, probably not as easy as that of 2012.

Bradley is now a more experienced fighter. He has defended the crown twice, first against a tough Ruslan Provodnikov and second by a very convincing victory against Juan Manuel Marquez last year.

Yes, the Juan Manuel Marquez that dropped Pacquiao face down in the canvass also in 2012.

?I am the champion and I am the underdog. That is amazing. He just got knocked out by Marquez and I just beat Marquez and I am the underdog? Still, still I have to earn respect from the fans, because of the first fight and that is why we are doing it here again today.?

And like Pacquiao, Bradley, the defending champ also believed and also stated that he has something to prove and he wanted to do it in the same ring in Vegas on April 12th.

How important of an ingredient is ?redemption? in their fight? Ask their promoter Bob Arum and he will answer you with smile.

In less than 24 hours after tickets for the rematch went on sale, Arum stated Thursday that 70 % of the tickets have already been sold. And with a full two months before the event at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, a sellout is not only predicted but expected.

The task now is to sell it in homes across the US, Mexico and Puerto Rico through pay-per-view. Hence expect the two fighters to continue to pitch themselves and their own claim to, yes ? REDEMPTION, in the weeks to come.

Redemption, yes it sells.

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