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By Rich Mazon

No Choice?
Wed, 18 Dec 2013

A young Filipino bantamweight prospect who just migrated to the United States this year recently split with his U.S. based Filipino trainer.

The young Pinoy pugilist who is being co-managed by a Filipino promoter/manager and an American manager will today be moving to another city to try his luck with another trainer.

But this Pinoy fighter, whom I had a long conversation with, expressed to me that he would rather train with a fellow Pinoy trainer in America, a rising coach who had a very good year this year.

"Gusto ko talaga dun (Filipino trainer) kasi Pinoy at maiintindihan ko talaga kung ano sinasabi niya sa akin." this young boxer confided to me.

(I really wanted to train with him because he is also Filipino and I will be able to understand what he tells me.)

The young prospect's managers are looking at a trainer with not so stellar records with his fighters of late, one of whom a Pinoy fighter who was yanked out of his existing valid contract from the Philippines, who lost badly in his last fight this summer.

This young fighter, a young kid with no voice, no connections and now apparently no choice cannot do anything but to abide to his manager's wishes.

I talked to his Filipino manager who is based in the Philippines and relayed his fighter's wish and preference, something that the boxer cannot openly voice out, out of respect and of modesty, a trait of us Filipinos.

Filipino manager/promoter told me that he would love for his ward to train with his choice of Pinoy trainer, one whom he "loves".

This Filipino trainer also happens to train one of this manager/promoter's fighter, a popular Pinoy slugger and it would make sense if two of his pupils train under one coach and one whom all of them has faith on.

But that his American co-manager is insisting on another trainer for his Pinoy fighter.

"Mas gusto ko talaga doon kay (Pinoy trainer) kasi next year baka dun din yung stable mate ko, para magkasama kami doon." Pinoy boxer told me.

(I really wanted to train with him because my stable mate will probably train under him next year, I wanted to train with him.)

I reached out to the American co-manager and he replied with a message that the mentioned Pinoy boxer will train with his choice of trainer and "that was his (boxer's) choice."

The Pinoy boxer who is by his lonesome in the States, seems to have agreed with his managers, despite his preference, of which I relayed to both of his managers.

His fear that he may offend both of his managers, despite him just voicing out his preference, seems to have gotten the best of him.

Fighters need to have a choice on whoever they want to train with, it is paramount that a fighter is comfortable with his trainer, to ensure proper training and success in their fights.

This young fighter, a bright prospect for Philippine boxing, seems to not have a choice, despite him relocating in America, where your opinion matters.

It seems that his preference does not count whatsoever.

Sometimes it is hard for a Pinoy boxer if you're too nice, "kapag sobra kang mabait."

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