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By Rich Mazon

Wed, 15 Apr 2015

Passionate fans of Manny Pacquiao who chase the superstar in the streets and hills of Los Angeles for a glimpse of him, a memorable autograph or a precious photograph of and with the boxer just got even harder.

Last week, reports of a ?Selfie Ban? by some members of Team Pacquiao was placed ? to prevent the boxer from catching any sickness which his fans may apparently transmit to him.

While it looks like that the ?Selfie Ban? is an honest measure to protect the Pacman as he enters the final weeks of training against Floyd Mayweather Jr, it is but a pretentious display of overprotection by certain members of his camp.

A ban for fans that wait long hours, drove hundreds of miles, endured the Los Angeles heat and pollen just to see Pacquiao is a hypocritical reaction by some in his camp.

If you are an ordinary fan, you are not allowed to snap a simple photo of the Pacman, but it is alright for these same ?Team Pacquiao? members to take hundreds of ?Selfies? and photos of Pacquiao from the time he wakes up in the morning, to the wee hours of the night in his mansion in Los Angeles.

If you are an ordinary fan, you are shunned from getting close to Pacquiao, because you may harbor germs in your body that will down him like a Marquez counter.

But if you are in his overly protecting team, it is alright if you put that iPhone camera in burst mode whenever Pacquiao eats breakfast, lunch and dinner and then post it on social media and then flaunt to the world - That yes, I am in his inner circle and yes, I can take a selfie whenever I want to, unlike you.

Pacquiao?s home in Los Angeles is a hangout of people who has first, second, third, fourth and countless degrees of association with him and his family ? most are hanger-ons and kibitzers who linger in his mansion.

Who says that they cannot transmit the cold, the flu and any kind of virus to Manny and his family? What exempts some (or a lot) of his entourage and the lucky hanger-ons that lag in his house from this ban?

Are some of Pacquiao?s overly protective team members who hobble around him day in and day out- as sterile as an autoclaved surgical instrument in the Operating Room and think they cannot be virus-harboring hosts?

The ?Selfie Ban? is ridiculous because it is insincere and that it sends a wrong message to Pacquiao?s fans.

It is a double standard set by some in his team who allow others to invade the privacy of the star boxer, as long as they know somebody, but not the common fans, who come May 2nd, will be pouring their hearts out and their hard-earned dollars to watch the biggest and most expensive fight of recent years.

The bottom line is that, it is the ordinary fans that will be ordering the hundred- dollar Pay-Per-Views, they will be the ones that will be buying the merchandise, they will be the ones that will be flying to Las Vegas and then pay enormous amount of money to watch their boss fight in the most anticipated fight in the last decade and not these hypocritical ?Team Pacquiao? rule makers, who will be in the lookout for freebies on Fight Week.

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