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By Rich Mazon

Will questions be answered in today?s Mayweather-Pacquiao presser?
Wed, 11 Mar 2015

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will meet for today, their first, since that historic Miami Heat game meeting at the American Airlines arena and afterwards in the Filipino star?s hotel room last January 27.

In what may also be the only meeting before Fight Week in May, the two protagonists of the world?s most anticipated bout will appear in one stage in the their first and probably only press conference at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles this afternoon (early morning in the Philippines).

Fans and media men from all corners of the globe are looking forward to this event as the two superstars face off against each other amidst the lightning fast cameras of photographers who will be scrambling to take the best shots of their official kick-off to their May 2nd fight in Las Vegas.

But fans will also be tuned in to get answers to their questions about the biggest fight of the decade.

Will there be an announcement if tickets will be available for public sale? If so, when will it be released? And the most important question of all is, how much will the price of tickets be?

Fans that are planning to make the trip to Las Vegas are already getting anxious as May 2nd nears with no clear answers and an abundance of rumors about the cost and availability of the most talked about fight in years.

Also yearning to be answered is the price of the Pay-per-View cost for those who will not endure what is probably the most expensive boxing event in years plus the skyrocketing hotel accommodations during the weekend of May 2nd and instead patronize this giant sporting event in the comfort of their homes with family and friends.

Another question that fans are looking forward to is - who will be in the undercard of this super-fight?

Yes, Mayweather-Pacquiao is the fight we all want to see, but fans will be clamoring for an equally impressive set of undercard fights as well - if they are to pay top bucks to see this event live at the MGM Grand and via Pay-Per-View.

A great entr?e can be ruined by a bland appetizer and a dull wine right?

With Mayweather Promotions and rival Top Rank working on this event for the first time, there should be no reason for the lack of good fighters in intriguing matches as a precursor to the biggest boxing fight of all.

Curious fans and the media will size the two fighters as they stand side by side with each other in L.A. today. Everyone will have an idea of the size difference between the two, the height difference, and their demeanor when they are at each other?s faces as the world watches them. These are early points of discussion less than two months to the fight.

And speaking of watching, everyone around the world can watch the live stream of this press conference through their computers and internet-capable devices for free, which is also probably one of the very few ?free? things that fans can enjoy about this fight.

Promoter Top Rank and networks HBO, Showtime and ESPN will be streaming the event live on their respective websites at 4:30 pm ET/ 1:30 PM PT. ESPN will also carry the press conference live via their popular ?Sports Center? program in television sets all over the continental United States. ABS-CBN?s ANC will carry the event live Thursday at 4:00 in the morning in the Philippines.

The festivities for ?The Fight? are about to begin.

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