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By Rich Mazon

Donaire?s loss to Walters eerily reflects Pacquiao?s defeat in 2012
Sun, 19 Oct 2014

The end for Nonito Donaire came at the 2:59 mark of the 6th round last night in Carson, California against the strong fists of Nicholas Walters. And if you have not noticed, it was also the same round and the same time when his fellow Filipino superstar boxer, Manny Pacquiao got knocked out in his fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.

What an eerie coincidence.

Also eerily similar is the way they both fell in the canvas. Both fall face-first after receiving a tremendous hit in the head by their opponents, Pacquiao was hit in his chin two years ago, Donaire in his temple last night.

Also, Pacquiao was knocked down once in that fight, in the third round by a straight right from Marquez. Donaire also went down and guess what round? You are right ? the third. A vicious uppercut from Walters was the culprit.

And Pinoy boxing loving fans has that Deja-vu feeling again. It was another feeling of defeat and sadness after seeing the second most popular fighter from their country down and wobbly after getting knocked down not once but twice by a very strong Walters.

But unlike Pacquiao who was scarily unconscious in the canvas for an extended period of time in that cold winter night in Las Vegas, Donaire was up on his feet after he was drilled in the 6th, still wanting to continue to fight. But he was dazed and unsteady on his legs and Referee Raul Caiz Jr. had to halt the fight.

Donaire, like Pacquiao was gracious in his defeat. He congratulated Walters just like how Pacquiao gave Marquez all the credit he deserves after their tough fight. Both extended their congratulatory hands to their winning rival after it was all over. More importantly, both were classy and exhibited outstanding sportsmanship after their defeat. They neither offered nor uttered any excuses afterwards. They both know that it?s part of the Fight Game.

Donaire quickly addressed his fans via social media after his loss last night and again applauded Walters in his win.

?Congratulations to Walters! He deserves everything. I have no regrets. I can honestly say I trained my best and I made a lot of sacrifices this camp. I'm honored I lost to him in the fight we had. I hit him with everything I had and he just kept coming.
Thanks to all my friends, family and fans who believed in me and still believe in me. I love u all. God bless.?

Like Pacquiao after his devastating loss to Marquez in 2012, Donaire will be hounded with retirement questions and advice from fans, family and the press. Plenty will question his ability and skills. Plenty will be getting off the Donaire bandwagon. Plenty will ridicule him. This sport and its fans are unforgiving when you are down.

Pacquiao bounced back and Donaire can do the same. If he finds it in his heart and mind, and after a long discussion with his family and team, that he wants to continue pursuing this very demanding sport, Donaire with his power and skills can also bounce back. But that can genuinely wait.

And just like that dreary December night in 2012 in Las Vegas, Philippine boxing and its patriotic and dedicated Pinoy boxing fans suffer yet again, another dark day in the sport.

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PHOTO -- FINAL BLOW: Nicholas Walters (R) connects a right to the head of Donaire that sent Donaire crashing to the canvas face down during Walters and Donaire's world featherweight title bout at the Stubhub Center in Carson, CA Saturday night. Photo by Chris Farina / Top Rank.

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