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By Gerry Peñalosa

Mosley, I Choose U
Sun, 11 Apr 2010

The hottest boxing news of the week is the Mayweather-Mosley fight ?Who R U Picking?? which will happen on May 1, 2010 at the MGM Grand Arena in Vegas. It surely is a fight worthy of hard earned dollars because two champions will be locking for the win. So? who is it gonna be? Me, I am picking Sugar Shane Mosley.

It seems almost everybody is putting their bets on Mayweather. Mayweather is a cocky boxer, he puts his foot where his mouth is but his undefeated boxing record is surely something that one cannot overlook. He has a big mouth and a big ego but it is coupled with an unbeaten boxing record of 40-0, 25 KOs. Floyd has never fought any real 147-pounder because his previous opponents weigh at about 135 to 140 pounds.

For his part Sugar Shane Mosley (46-5, 39 knockouts) is a 5-time world champion and the current WBA welterweight champion. He is a very active boxer and a good puncher. He can outbox, outrun and outpunch any legitimate welterweight even in his age of 38 because he?s got a very physique and in a tip top shape. He is also very confident. In one interview he said, ?"I'm pretty sure that Floyd will feel more power in this fight that he will have ever had to feel," said Mosley. "And if I can get that knockout, if I get that one shot, and if I can get him hurt, then I'm going to be all over him."

I like confidence and passion in a boxer so I am picking Mosley. Confidence fuels win and he is working hard in making sure he gets the win. Plus factor would be the inclusion of trainer Naazim Richardson in his training camp. Richardson was one of the trainers of legendary middleweight and light heavyweight king Bernard Hopkins. If Mosley can outscore and land heavy punch on Mayweather in the first four rounds then the game is set for Mosley because Mayweather will be forced to get in a head-on fight with him and won?t be running around so that he can get high percentage punches to cope with the point deficit. Sugar Shane is a brawler and likes KO?s. His record of 38-0 with 35 knockouts before his first loss by way of unanimous decision to Vernon Forrest in 2006 can attest to the fact that Mayweather will be facing his toughest opponent on May 1.

On hindsight, I think a Mosley-Pacquiao fight would be better than Pacquiao-Mayweather match. The fight would surely be blazing with the exchange of hard punches from two boxers who have made boxing viewing exciting for everyone. Should it happen?I wonder who would I pick as winner? Let?s reserve that thought some other time.

Ito na naman po si Gerry Penalosa para sa isang masayang kwentuhang boksing?Magandang araw sa lahat!

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