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By Gerry Peñalosa

Firepower Chronicles: The Pacquiao-Cotto Weigh In
Sun, 15 Nov 2009

People swarmed the MGM Grand Hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of the fighters as today November 13 was the schedule for the weigh-in ceremony. The attendance far exceeded the attendance of the Pacquiao-Hatton match. People were in celebratory mood. Jeers can be heard from both camps and surprisingly the Puerto Ricans came in full force to give their support to their compatriot Miguel Cotto. Manny as always looks oozing with confident and is at his usual jovial mood. The Pacman tipped the scales at 144 lbs and Miguel Cotto also managed to achieve the 145 lb. weight and he also looks ready to pounce on Manny and prove to the people who attended the ceremony that he's not happy with his supposed underdog image. But throughout the proceedings, Manny maintained his happy mood and judging by the people's reactions on his antics, he is clearly the people's favorite boxer.

I saw some of Filipino celebrities who witnessed the ceremony. They were the couple Annabelle and Eddie Guttierez, Luis Manzano, Alfred Vargas, and Alex Santos to name a few. Manny's parents also attended the ceremony along with all his siblings and all were very confident that their famous member will again emerge the winner. I came with my wife's uncle George Rufino and daughter Grace. The Rufino family is our frequent host whenever my wife and I visit US. I also had a breakfast with Congressman Erbie Fabian of Zamboanga earlier in the day. He is a well-know boxing enthusiast and a sports advocate.

Tomorrow, November 14... both boxers will be pitted against each other. Millions of people all over the world will witness the rise to greatness of the winner and fall from defeat of the loser. Manny is expecting to make history, his 7th world championship belt. And for his part Miguel Cotto will also fight to save his own and his country's pride. It will be a very exciting game. It will be a product of heart, mind and spirit.. a true test of Firepower. But as always, the better fighter will always emerge the winner, the fighter who has the most sophisticated and lethal firepower will surely step down from the ring wearing the belt. One caution though, the match should be fought honorably. The whole world watches and the whole world listens. Products of deceptions has no place in an honorable sports such as boxing most especially in the world's most anticipated boxing match.

My wish for every boxing fans who like me is very excited for tomorrow's Pacquiao-Cotto match... Watch and enjoy!

Ito po si Gerry Penalosa para sa isang matinding balitaan sa larangan ng boxing.. Salamat sa inyong pagtangkilik.

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