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By Maloney L. Samaco

Sat, 31 Jan 2009

It was officially announced by the administration of the Southwestern University that the world?s number one pound-for?pound boxer Manny Pacquiao will be awarded the degree Doctor in Human Kinetics, ?Honoris Causa.? The conferment will be done on February 18, 2009.

?Honoris causa? is a Latin phrase which means ?for the sake of the honor? and it is an academic degree conferred by a university in which the usual requirements such as matriculation, residence, lessons and the passing of examinations are waived.

Usually the degree is conferred as a way of honoring a distinguished person's contributions to a specific field of endeavor or to the society in general. The university often derives benefits by association and alliance with the person being honored.

Universities use honorary degrees or ?honoris causa? to recognize feats of the intellectual determination that are equivalent to an earned degree. The practice dates back to the middle ages, when for a variety of reasons a university might be convinced to grant exemption from the usual statutory requirements for the awarding of a degree.

A program of study of Human Kinetics can include such subjects as Athletic Therapy, Kinesiology, Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports Management. This course will apply sound exercise nutrition principles to design individualized food and fluid intake plans for athletes and other active people.

Human Kinetics is a study on sports, fitness and health. It aims to provide a dynamic environment that supports academic excellence in sports, recreation and physical activity through inspired teaching, creative research and meaningful achievements.

Pacquiao has practiced the general learning in Human Kinetics in his quest for glory in the world boxing arena, beating top fighters such as Oscar de la Hoya, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Manuel Marquez.

The theory which was always associated with the usual studying and learning procedures was converted into practical means. And the practical way was transformed into winning forms that makes him the number one boxer of the world.

No less than SWU president Dr. Eldigario Gonzales justified the university's bestowing of the honor to Pacquiao. He is the world?s number one fighter of the year and the international athlete of the year. His excellent achievements in sports, particularly boxing, validates his worthiness of being conferred with the said ?honoris causa? award.

Pacquiao was also a model of the Department of Education that schooling has no age limits and even if he is already very wealthy he still goes to school to earn a diploma.

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