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Since it is our objective to present all information related to Filipino boxers and the Philippine boxing scene, we try to gather all online news related to it including its source, author, date of publication, the URL (link) of the story, and the story itself. We then put this information to our own database so these can be nicely and orderly presented in our news pages as news headlines with more or less a couple sentences as news blurb and a link where the reader will be redirected to read the full story at its original source. We see this as benefitting both to us and the source of the story because 1) it serves our own purpose and 2) it drives free and additional traffic to the source of the story.

In the event that the story is not available from the original source (due maybe to the source's server being down or if the story was already pulled out from its archives), the full story will be pulled from our database and will be served to the reader from our own pages with full acknowledgement as to its source, author, date of publication and the original link of the story. This is being done not for monetary benefit but for information purposes only.

If any of the news sources object to their news stories being linked from our site or full stories being presented when it is no longer available from their archives, they may write to and state that all their stories should be exluded from our links or full stories should not be presented when its no longer available from their site. We will honor all requests regarding this nature.


We assume full responsibility on all articles published by our own writers and editors. It is our policy not to publish stories that are copyrighted, slanderous or libelous in nature. If there are issues regarding these matters, please e-mail us at


The Philippine Boxing Forum was designed to offer to the public an open platform for discussion and free expression concerning topics related to Filipino boxers and the Philippine boxing scene in general. Although this board is primarily a boxing forum, other subjects outside of boxing may be added from time to time if the members wish for it or if the administrators or moderators see it fit.

The forums are being moderated with the objective to make the forums organized, orderly and do not stray away from the Forum Rules. However, because the forum is being moderated by volunteers who may not always be monitoring the forums, it is impossible to check each and every post which are posted in real time. So it may appear from time to time that the forums are greatly disorganized, messed up or governed by anarchy.

The content posted to the forums is the responsibility of the individual user who posted it. The owner of the Philippine Boxing Forum cannot be held accountable for the postings. These includes, but are not limited to, cases of copyright or trademark infringement, falsehood, defamation, libel, slander, pornogarphy, profanity, "fighting words", or any material that could encourage criminal or civil offenses, violate copyrights, trademarks, or laws.

If there are slanderous, libelous or illegal materials that are posted to the forums, the offended party may alert the owner of the Philippine Boxing Forum and request for its removal.

The owner of Philippine Boxing Forum will fully cooperate with all legal authorities regarding the disclosure of information or identity of its users to the extent it possesses such information. As such, a forum member should be advised that if a case is filed against him, the information he submitted to this website could be revealed.

News items or images posted are provided without profit and for information purposes only. Any publisher, webmaster or author that holds legal copyright, and objects to their material being posted, may request that it be removed and any future material excluded. An official written request by a copyright holder will be honored.

In the event that legal issues may arise from any of the foregoing, cases should be under the jurisdiction of Philippine courts located in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

These terms may be updated periodically, and it is the responsibility of all users to keep updated.

Please direct all communications regarding this subject to:


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