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Manny Pacquiao Interview Transcript

16 Jul 2019

Ray Flores Ė Thank you very much to the media joining us from all over the world, we are beyond excited for next Saturday, July 20, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas ó PBC on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View ó all starting at 9:00 ET/6:00 PT. It is headlined by the eight-division champion Senator Manny ďPacManĒ Pacquiao battling the WBA Welterweight World Champion Keith ďOne TimeĒ Thurman in the main event.

This is a stacked car from top to bottom. It is the biggest event of the summer for boxing and it is canít miss. Tickets for the event, they are going so fast. It is all being promoted by MP Promotion, TGB Promotions, Mayweather Promotions. They are on sale now. You can get them online, charge by phone 866-740-7711, or in person at any MGM Resorts International Box Office.

Also on todayís call they are available for questions if the media has any questions for them is the President of TGB Promotions Tom Brown, who does an amazing job and works tirelessly. Also the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, a man who knows Manny Pacquiao quite well, Mr. Leonard Ellerbe.

At this time, it gives me great honor and pleasure to introduce the man whoís been involved in boxing for quite a long time and is very familiar with Manny Pacquiao, his long-time publicist Mr. Fred Sternburg.

Fred Sternburg
Thanks so much, Ray. Welcome everybody. Thank you for joining us today. Manny had an amazing camp. According to Freddie and according to Manny it may be their best camp in many years. Theyíre very excited. Itís the biggest challenge theyíve had in a long time.

Manny has spent about four weeks training in the Philippines. He is finishing his fourth week here in Hollywood at Wild Card Boxing Club. And Freddie Roach is on the call with us. Freddie, youíre just down the street from us where we prefer you to be. How did you think camp is going?

Freddie Roach
Itís a very good training camp, good sparring, and heís ready to go. We have one more day of sparring today and then we close the camp down. Just getting ready for the fight.

F. Sternburg
Great. And Manny is here as well. Manny, youíre ready to join us? Here he comes. He literally just finished his run and if you were here at his house today, you would have seen about over a dozen people doing sit-ups with him in the front yard. Manny does things just a little differently here. Manny, welcome to the call.

Manny Pacquiao
Good morning. Training camp has been very good and Iím ready for this call.

Did you ever think that youíd still be not only boxing professionally but still at a very high level at the age of 40?

M. Pacquiao
Yes, thatís what Iím trying to prove this time because we know that a lot of our fans and people in boxing were doubting my capability at the age of 40. So I have to prove something this time because at the age of 40 Iím not thinking about my age. Iím thinking about what I can do for the fans.

What is it that gets you doing sit-ups in your front yard in the morning and running and putting in the hard work to train for these fights?

M. Pacquiao
I really love exercise. Iím addicted to exercise. And even if I donít have a scheduled fight, I always most every day I exercise and Iím playing basketball four to five hours almost every day. So when this time comes and when I have a scheduled fight, then Iím so motivated myself to work hard, to train hard, and to focus to the fight.

You could certainly exercise and do basketball and do all the things you just mentioned without actually getting hit, right?

M. Pacquiao
Yes. Actually after the fight I donít go to the boxing gym. No boxing at all until I have a scheduled fight.

But I always exercise like playing basketball, sometimes jogging. But no boxing gym at all.

Freddie, what do you see as the motivation for his continued boxing career?

F. Roach
Well, itís still what he does best. It got him to where he is today. We want to fight a high level person. Weíre not in this game just to fight anybody. We want to be the best. And weíd like another championship and I donít think weíll stop until we get that.

Do you think Freddie that the opponent, Keith Thurman, is maybe the best of the opponents that Mannyís been with probably since the Mayweather fight?

F. Roach
You can say that. But I donít think heís the best fighter. Weíve fought a bunch of better fighters along the way. But yes, heís a good, solid guy. And it should make for a very good fight.

Do you feel that Thurman has gone over the line with some of the things heís said to you?

M. Pacquiao
Well, it is kind of over the line for me, but Iím not angry with him. Iím somebody very motivated by all he says. The trash talk that he did, he made even my mom get mad. But it gives me more motivation to focus the training and to focus on my condition, how hard I push the training.

And believe me, this is a very interesting fight for me because it has been a long time that I have focused like this for a fight.

How closely did you watch that fight against Josesito Lopez? And do you feel like watching that fight that heíll be ready for you?

M. Pacquiao
Iím not considering his performance and style on that fight because he just came back from a long layoff of almost two years. So I understand that. This time, this fight Iím sure heíll be in 100% condition and Iím sure he did a lot of things in training.

At this point at 40 years old, in the event that you lost this fight would you consider retirement or would you like to keep fighting?

M. Pacquiao
Iím still okay. I can still fight. My bodyís reacting well. My mind and everything is fine. And thatís a big favor from God. This is a blessing.

Freddie, I wonder if youíre employing some reverse psychology when youíre saying no, youíre not predicting a knockout is going to happen for Pacquiao at this time. Is this a grand Freddie Roach plan reverse psychology?

F. Roach
No. Mannyís in great shape for this fight and we worked very hard for this fight. And someone asked me if we were looking for a knockout. No, we never look for knockouts. But if it comes, Mannyís in great shape right now and if Thurman wants to trade with us, he will get knocked out.

Do you keep up on the politics and do you stay in touch with your vital political operatives and allies when youíre overseas in America getting ready for a fight? Or can you leave politics alone and purely focus just on the boxing?

M. Pacquiao
Iím focused on my training here in America. We have a long office break. So we resume the work July 22 which is the State of the Nation Address of the President. Thatís the start of the work. Thatís why after the fight I have to go back to the Philippines to work.

But Iím hearing from my staff in the office, what bills that weíre going to file and what weíre going to do, how many resolutions to file before the session start open.

Are you going to fight one more time this year you think or is that still up in the air?

M. Pacquiao
Yes, there is a scheduled recess. But we will figure it out when the session starts.

How do you prepare for someone that you really havenít seen at his 100% best in at least a couple of years?

M. Pacquiao
Iím not basing anything off his last performances in his last fight because he was coming from a long layoff of almost I think almost two years. So I understand that as a boxer I really understand that itís hard to start again. But this time around he worked hard, heís well prepared for this fight because heís not fighting Lopez but heís fighting Manny Pacquiao. So Iím expecting him to work hard and prepare 100%.

Yesterday at the media workout, I was reading that you said that Thurman remind you the most of Ricky Hatton of all the fighters that you faced in the past. And Iím curious to see why you think Thurman reminds you of Ricky Hatton?

M. Pacquiao
The style, the similar style like that. I think they have similar style. But not really the same but it does look like a similar style.

Does it enter your mind as sort of when the window of this great run is going to close or that doesnít really enter your mindset?

M. Pacquiao
In balancing my body conditioning, my mind, and how I work hard, it depends on how I focus and work hard in training. Right now, I still hunger and Iím still enjoying this and happy to do a training preparation for the fight.

Even my coaching staff, theyíre very happy because theyíre still watching me and having to tell me when to stop, not watching me to push to do more. But watching me to stop because I might over train.

Has your style changed at all over the years or do you fight the same way?

M. Pacquiao
My style is still the same but Iím more experienced now compared to before. How I fight in the ring and my strategy, my footwork thatís not changing but itís still the same. But Iím more experienced and my timing in the ring is better than ever.

Freddie from your perspective as the trainer, what do you see is the biggest difference in terms of letís say training and preparation for Manny at this age versus how you guys prepared back when he was younger?

F. Roach
His work ethic is unbelievable. He wants to work every minute of every day. He wants to do 40 rounds a day in the ring and so forth. We do have to hold him back a little bit. Weíre on a five-day running schedule right now instead of six and weíre giving him a couple extra days off during the week trying to get him not to over train because he does have a tendency of wanting to do that.

We got him right where we want him right now and heís in great shape. Heís ready to go.

Is Keith Thurman the first opponent youíve faced with a combination of both power and speed at the highest levels?

M. Pacquiao
In my experience, Iíve encountered many boxers that have speed and power. And this is not new for me. I think Thurman, heís not really that quick but I have to be careful in the ring, in the fight. I have to make sure that everything is fine.

F. Roach
Thurmanís a strong guy and heís a good puncher. Mannyís speed will overwhelm him, I feel. He hasnít been in the ring with speed like Manny Pacquiao has and most people get overwhelmed when they face Manny. His speed is unbelievable and at 40 years old itís as good as ever.

What are your dreams in boxing right now Manny?

M. Pacquiao
I just want to maintain my name in the top of boxing and continue my career. I already accomplished what I want to accomplish in boxing. Iím continuing my career because boxing is my passion. I have lots to do in this, especially because God gave me these blessings and favor that they gave me good health and this is speed and power.

How many fighters have you faced before that you think were better or more complete than Thurman?

M. Pacquiao
Thurman is a different style. Thurman I can say similar style with Ricky Hatton. But I wonít take him lightly. I have to make sure that Iím not careless in the ring.

What about your son fighting?

M. Pacquiao
My son is starting to do some boxing and I am going to support him.

If Thurman fights exactly as you expect him to are you going to knock him out?

M. Pacquiao
Thatís going to be lovely if he fights toe to toe with me. Knockouts will come but Iím not saying that Iím going to have a prediction with this fight. I donít want to be careless in the fight.

But if that chance is given to me, why not? I have to grab that possibility to knock him out.

If Thurman fights you the way Jeff Horn did, would that approach really bother you or would you welcome that?

M. Pacquiao:
Actually, on the Jeff Horn fight I think I over trained. Thatís why I have to admit that. But this time around my coaching staff, Freddie, Buboy Fernandez, Justin Fortune, theyíre watching closely to not let me get over trained so that in the fight Iím going to be throwing a lot of punches.

After the Horn fight, we learned a lot. I learned a lot. And we changed really the training, not the whole thing, but I give my body rest because itís hard to make my body recovery when you hit the age of 40.

Freddie, Dan Birmingham and Keith Thurman confirmed that theyíre coming directly at you and looking for a knockout early in the fight. Thoughts?

F. Roach
Yes. Talkís talk. Letís see who really shows up.

Do you feel as though Keith Thurman gives you any different challenges than Broner did?

M. Pacquiao
He has a different style compared to Broner. And I think this challenge is different than Bronerís fight. But I know Broner is faster than Keith Thurman.

Freddie you said yesterday itís not like Thurmanís a world class fighter. Why did you say that?

F. Roach
Because I think Broner is a better fighter.

Will we ever see that Manny Pacquiao fight in the Philippines?

M. Pacquiao
Thatís what Iím looking for, Iíd like to.

F. Sternburg
All right. Weíre ready to wrap up here. Manny, any last comments?

M. Pacquiao
Thank you everyone for this interview and I hope to see you in Vegas. And I canít wait to fight on July 20 next week. Thank you.

F. Sternburg
Freddie before you clean the gym up before Manny gets there today, any final comments?

Freddie Roach
No, heís just running and trying to catch up to the slowest fighter in the world. No comment.
Itís ĎOne Timeí versus ĎAll Time.í

Order the PPV and visit for Fight Night Info and more on Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman.

Pacquiao vs. Thurman will pit boxingís only eight-division world champion and Philippine Senator Manny ďPac ManĒ Pacquiao against undefeated WBA Welterweight World Champion Keith ďOne TimeĒ Thurman in the main event of a Premier Boxing Champions on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View event Saturday, July 20 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The pay-per-view begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and will also feature undefeated former world champion Omar ďEl PanteritaĒ Figueroa Jr. taking on Yordenis UgŠs in a WBC welterweight title eliminator, plus hard-hitting former world champion Sergey Lipinets goes toe-to-toe against rugged veteran John ďThe GladiatorĒ Molina, Jr. and undefeated power-puncher Luis ďPanteraĒ Nery faces slick-boxing Juan Carlos Payano in a bantamweight bout.

Tickets for the event are on sale now and can be purchased online through, charge by phone at 866-740-7711 or in person at any MGM Resorts International box office.

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